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Nairobi Safari

A One-of-a-kind Kenya safari expedition awaits you at Tsavo East & West National Park!

Going on an East African safari is a lifetime dream of numerous global travelers, safari & photography enthusiasts. Kenya in East Africa is the home to so many safari activities. It will let you submerge yourself in the vast yet unharmed wilderness of nature. Seeing marvelous sunrises over the never-ending wasteland, numerous national parks, game reserves will help you lose track of time.

Planning for a never-to-be-repeated trip can be overwhelming if you will want to go on your own. However, with the longest distance to be travelled, planning everything by you may be stressful enough and time-consuming. In addition, you might be worrying whether your plan will be flawlessly executed and not. Therefore, it’s advisable not to take a chance with the once-in-a-lifetime journey to Kenya. At Plain Wings Tours & Safaris, we organize numerous safari tours, including days safari for clients that wish to explore several National parks and wildlife & birdlife in Kenya. We also organize customized three days Tsavo East-West safari tours to suit the guests’ budget and style.

Three days Tsavo East-West safari in Kenya at Plain Wings Tours & Safaris are organized correctly to provide the highest service to clients of all ages. Are you a solo traveler or in a group of two to six people or more or with your lovely wife or lovable husband or your family planning for an adventurous safari tour? We are passionate & committed to offering exceptional service with much more surprises in order to make your safari experience in Tsavo East & West truly unique. It will be an excellent alternative to explore untamed African nature.

Kenya tours and safaris

You will get the game drive viewing opportunity as you enter the Tsavo East National park. Our game drive viewing takes you on the trails of the big five with magnificent views of the African sunset. We will organize a lavish stay at one of the best Tsavo east safari lodge/ tented camp based on your preference & budget. In the morning, you will have the game viewing opportunity nearby your safari tents. Proceeding the morning game viewing will take you to Tsavo west national park for several game viewing activities, including perceiving the rhino sanctuary.

Nature is in its best shape in Tsavo East & West National Park in Kenya, where the predators are out for the hunt and the grazers are browsing on to feed themselves the soft, dewy vegetation. We assist you in finding the perfect blend of wildlife adventure and geological exposure in the Tsavo national park. The Tsavo East & West National Park hosts large herds of magnificent elephants and famous man-eating lions. Extending your journey will let you explore the Aruba Dam’s waterhole where these giant beasts quenching their thirst. The luscious crystal-clear water is alive with exotic fish, crocodiles and hippos. You can perceive the Aruba Dam’s waterhole where giant beasts are quenching their thirst. The broken volcanic hills in Tsavo West also have so many soothing sights to explore. Get up close to the rare black & white rhinos, roaring leopard and unique migratory birds in the tranquil savanna.

3 Days Tsavo East West Safari

Are you seeking a break from your ordinary routine life and want to have an unbelievable customized expedition surrounded by many floras and faunas? If your answer is yes, then journeying to the visitor’s paradise of Kenya will be the right choice for you. Book our flexible, affordable and creative 3 days Tsavo East-West safari options to explore the impressive landscapes and outstanding masses of wildebeests. Hurry up!! Contact us today and let us know about your plan! Our passionate team is ready to help you!

Amboseli National Park safari

Amboseli National Park is a worth visiting place in any Kenya safari itinerary

Do you want to have a good time by going away from the troublesome worries of your daily lifestyle? There are so many decisions you need to make when going on an East African safari. A well-planned safari in Kenya can be a way to mesmerise your senses. Again, one of the major decisions will be which game reserve you need to visit with all of the National parks to choose from in Kenya. The Amboseli National Park will likely be at the top & a worth visiting place. It has some of the best attractions as some of the other popular national parks in Kenya. It’s a gorgeous park located in the southwest of Nairobi, Kenya, and it has a great view of Kilimanjaro. The real worries associated with your everyday busy life will automatically vanish after taking a glimpse of the natural serenity at Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli National Park Safari

Are you planning for a safari in Amboseli National Park in Kenya? We organize several safari programs based on the preference and budgets of clients. One of the most favored safari activities appreciated by vacationers is our 3-day Amboseli National Park safari. Amboseli, a National Park, is home to some of the best safari activities, and its incredible diversity makes it worth visiting. On the other hand, visit Amboseli if you love elephants and want to see lots of them. We plan the 3-day Amboseli National Park safari based on your need. It is a perfect safari option for travelers with a limited time but have the desire to explore more in Kenya. It is enough to perceive the greenish beauty, the mesmerizing backdrop, trumpeting of elephants, walking of wild lions, lots of thunderous wildebeests, zebras and other wild animals that offer unforgettable memories that will live with you throughout your life.

Here are the top reasons to visit Amboseli National Park.

The Landscape 

‘Amboseli’ park is a dry open plain and home to clear-water springs, wetlands, acacia woodland & expansive savannahs. Lake Amboseli is also a temporary lake that floods during the rainy season. It’s the perfect place to take in the richness of Kenya’s terrain and an ideal spot for immersing yourself in its diversity. You will be delighted with every moment of your personalised 3 days Amboseli National Park safari.

The Elephants

The Amboseli National park is well-known for its enormous herds of free-roaming long-tusked (over 1000) elephants. It is one of the favourite reasons that people like to travel to Amboseli National Park. It’s common to see the groups of these gentle giants, which may number in the hundreds. Seeing these fantastic creatures against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Lions 

Our 3-day Amboseli National Park safari provides you with the opportunity to spot them even in trees. These African man-eater lions are prone to climb the tallest tree easily, unlike your pet cats. It is a rare animal activity that you won’t find anywhere in the world. Witnessing lion in their natural habitat is incredible and make your safari genuinely excellent.

The Game Viewing 

Amboseli is a wildlife paradise and offers abundant game viewing opportunities. Elephant sightings are guaranteed here, along with other fantastic animal sightings. Over 80 species of mammals are found in the park, including the Big Five, zebra, and wildebeest, a stalk impala, gerenuk, gazelles, elands, zebras, fringe-eared oryx, dik-diks and other prey animals from the cover of dense bush and deep shadows. Experience the natural behaviours of leopards, cheetahs, maneless lions, and other predators and perceive the massive action that unfolds against a vigilant backdrop of grazing and foraging elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, protected rhinos and other large herbivores animals of East Africa. For birdwatchers and safari photography enthusiasts as it is home to over 400 bird species!

The Views

The views are one of the more hidden but worthwhile reasons to visit Amboseli National Park. Even though Mount Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, Amboseli provides a picture-perfect view of the snow-capped summit towering above the vivid colors of the savannah when the mists clear. Because clouds often cover it, the most significant times to see it are daybreak and sunset, when the clouds have lifted, and the light is golden. In addition, Observation Hill provides panoramic views of the entire park and the marsh below, home to various elephants, buffalo, hippo, and waterfowl.

3 Days Amboseli National Park Safari

At Plain Wings Tours & Safaris, we invite you to join our 3-day Amboseli National Park safari and explore many wildlife species within the diverse landscape. Do you need knowledgeable, experienced & specialist guidance for your journey to Amboseli National park? Let us help plan your 3-day Amboseli National Park safari itinerary correctly! We assure you make your safari dream will come true!

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