The mesmerizing day trip to Amboseli from Nairobi

The day trip to Amboseli from Nairobi leaves promptly in the first part of the day, driving along the Mombasa – Nairobi roadway. It is ideal to go before daybreak to get to Amboseli is an excellent time for a game survey.

Amboseli National Park, apparently the second most famous animal park after Masai Mara, is 260km from Nairobi, on the outskirts with Tanzania’s neighboring nation. Its superb position at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro joined with its phenomenal chances to see Kenya’s creatures, make it perhaps the best spot for safaris.

Delegated by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s most noteworthy pinnacle, the Amboseli National Parks is one of Kenya’s most popular parks. The name “Amboseli” originates from a Masai word signifying “salty dust,” It is perhaps the best spot in Africa to see vast crowds of elephants very close. Nature sweethearts can explore five unique environments here running from the evaporated bed of Lake Amboseli, wetlands with sulfur springs, the savannah and forests. During Kenya safari in Masai Mara they can likewise visit the nearby Masai people group who live around the recreation center and experience their authentic culture

Amboseli National Park Location, Size 

Amboseli is 360 sq. Kilometer park, which has the most prominent groups of elephants. The popularity of the Amboseli National Park day trip is for its perspectives on Kilimanjaro and the Masai towns outside the recreation center. You can choose to make such a day trip with reputed tour operators by getting a travel visa at the air terminal.

Day Trip to Amboseli From Nairobi

One can have Amboseli 1 day safaris as joining group visits or private packages from Nairobi. You can go for an Amboseli entire day visit for Amboseli photographic safaris, game drive, bird watching, and touring, creature spotting, camping and climbing safaris.

One-Day Amboseli Safari Highlights 

  • One of the most famous parks
  • Large Herds of free-running African Elephants
  • Easy access by street from Nairobi
  • Cultural Village Visits
  • Possible View of Mount Kilimanjaro

Amboseli National Park Bird watching

Another incredible safari here is the Amboseli Bird watching visit. It incorporates game drives over the marsh regions, timberland regions and savannah to detect the over 400 types of birds of Amboseli National Park, including the Egyptian goose, Hadada ibis, sacred ibis, African jacana, blacksmith plover, malachite kingfisher among others.

Amboseli Photographic Tours

The park is also famous for the Amboseli wildlife photographic tours, which comprise the Mt Kilimanjaro’s extraordinary photography for the background of practically all shots of creatures taken here. Catching the snow-topped Kibo peak and the many elephants in the closer view has consistently been the notable shot of a genuine African safari.

Amboseli National Park Day Trip Timings

Amboseli National Park, 1 day trips, leave Nairobi at 6:00 AM and get to Amboseli by 10 AM. You will get a 5 hours Amboseli National Park game drive in the park to see Kilimanjaro’s perspectives and its snow-topped pinnacles.

The Amboseli elephants are more than 1500 and you can see them meandering around the water lakes. You likewise get the chance to see the lake Amboseli and the observation hill.

The creatures found in an Amboseli game park day visit incorporate the elephants, lions, hippos, cheetahs, panthers, gazelles, elands, giraffes, wild ox, among other big five creatures. The following is an entire 1-day Amboseli day trip schedule:

Amboseli National Park Day Tour Itinerary 

Amboseli National Park day-trip safaris are full one-day outing visits for game drive, photography, horse riding, fly-fishing, strolling safaris, Kilimanjaro viewing and substantially more. This is a sample schedule for an Amboseli National Park 1 day trip from Nairobi. This is the best Kilimanjaro viewing day visit package.

5:00 AM: Depart from a Nairobi hotel or the Nairobi International Airport to Amboseli through the Masai countryside.

10:00 AM: You arrive in Amboseli National Park and the beginning of a game drive in the park starts. Appreciate the perspective on Kilimanjaro from outside and inside the park. Take the same number of photos of the peak of Kilimanjaro.

11:00 AM: Go for a search of the lions in the Amboseli wildlife park’s savannah prairies. You can locate the cheetahs toward the south of the park and the elephants around the lakes. See an elephant 10ft from your vehicle window.

1:00 PM: Enjoy an excursion stuffed lunch at the observation hill in the park. See the hippos and elephants in the pool beneath.

2:00 PM: Continue with an evening game drive in the park and take pictures of creatures. It is perfect for Photographic wildlife tours.

3:00 PM: Enjoy a last Amboseli game drive to the door to exit for Nairobi.

6:30 PM: You arrive in Nairobi city and drop off in your Nairobi hotel or JKIA Nairobi air terminal.

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