Unforgettable activities for family to be explored in customized Mombasa safari tours

Planning for a holiday venture with Family? No matter wherever you go, a family vacation is always enthralling. In a well-planned Mombasa safari tour, it helps you get ample time to spend with your near and dear ones and even experience the whole new world altogether. However, Mombasa safari tours are the perfect way to bond with family. Possibilities are you won’t regret embarking on Masai Mara safari in Kenya at the end. But why do you book Mombasa safari tours to explore Mombasa along with Masai Mara? Let’s help you find out the reasons behind taking a family-friendly Mombasa safari tour in Kenya:

Endless Fun –

When going on a holiday, all you want is to make sure all of your families have fun. The different families have people of different ages, interests. Hence choosing a spot and suitable activities to explore Mombasa can be more challenging. We help you plan your Mombasa safari tours that allow you to choose plentiful sightseeing as well as adrenaline-pumping adventures.

Mombasa safari tours

Weather and Food –

The weather has a significant role to play as you want to escape from your climate. But when people think of booking Mombasa safaris, they immediately don’t think of the weather. Kenya is rich in every aspect in terms of weather and food, marine life, sightseeing, and wildlife viewing opportunity. You can try delectable cuisines while enjoying the warm sun shining down on different seaside here as well. Going out on Mombasa safaris can be your perfect solution to explore a relaxing and chilled out weekend to walk around and see the sights, or you’re taking it all in a while planning for your exclusive journey.

Sightseeing and Wildlife in Mombasa –

Are you planning a weekend trip to Mombasa while traveling, but you’re not sure what to do while you’re there? There are a lot of things to do and perceive in Mombasa. But you need to be prepared ahead of time, so you don’t miss anything. Mombasa is a little gem in East Africa, and it’s often overlooked. Mombasa tourism is a little bit different from what you may be used to, but you’re going to take in the sights and the culture while you can. You will see beautiful landscapes and picturesque sightings there. Besides, you will be able to spot wildlife species in their natural habitat. Not too many people get the chance to enjoy all these on vacation. Remember, seeing animals the place they live is a much different experience than seeing them in a zoo or any human-made habitat. Few places to explore on Mombasa safari tours are;

  • Mombasa City Tour
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving In Kisite Marine Park and Mombasa Marine Park
  • Deep-Sea Fishing in Mombasa
  • Fort Jesus Museum Tour
  • Wasini Island Dhow Tour
  • Pilli Pipa Marine Tour
  • Tamarind Dhow Dinner Cruise
  • Mamba Village Tour
  • Haller Park Tour
  • Nguuni Nature Sanctuary Tour
  • Gede Ruins and umba La Mtwana Ruins Tour
  • Tsavo East National Park Safari

Masai Mara Migration Safari

Planning to go on a Masai Mara Migration safari is something that should be considered carefully if you want to maximize your time in the sheer wilderness of Kenya. Most tourists come here for the famous Wildebeest Migration, and the ideal time to explore the Masai Mara for this breathtaking scene is between July/early August and the end of November. It is also fantastic for the photographers because they’ll often have vast tracts of terrain and sightseeing – particularly in Mara’s renowned conservancies. For typical game viewing, there’s no real ‘best time” to visit; credits to its plentiful resident wildlife & mild climate. Its extensive open grasslands suggest there’s practically always something to enjoy, regardless of the time you visit.

Kenya safari Masai Mara

Getting Kenya on vacation with Plain Wings Tours & Safaris 

Going on Mombasa safari tours with Plain Wings Tours & Safaris is an excellent idea as we assure you to give you something new, exciting, fun-filled, and adventure-packed. When visiting with Family, more often you want some exciting experience about flora and fauna. Don’t worry; your wish will be accomplished on our Mombasa safari tours. We will offer you fabulous information about the animals you see. Your Family will observe the animals residing in the wild without any interference by the humans. On top of that, our Mombasa safari tours and Kenya safari Masai Mara package will enable your Family to learn about Kenya in a way that you likely have never experienced earlier. What are you waiting for? Check out our special Mombasa safari tour packages today and make a perfect choice to venture Kenya sightings with Family. Feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, or get in touch with us by calling at +254-732-812-187 today!

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